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So blogging….. my only experience with blogs is Julie and Julia! Life is interesting and sometimes turns on a dime as I learned earlier this year when my very healthy husband quickly slipped away and passed. No real warning….just left. Doug was a wonder basically the “energizer bunny,” who  kept it all running smoothly and was multi-talented, handsome, a supportive and loving husband for 51 years. he is greatly missed and we often “feel” his suport and presence, still.

So now it’s me, Mary, who gave birth to Mummy’s Bundle 36 years ago, Sarah our Wonder Woman who can do it all and her amazing mother Debbie who ran Mummy’s Bundle seamlessly for 15 years in the 80’s and 90’s. We are a powerful team of women who will carry on with fresh inspiration, new ideas and designs!

Now something has really surprised me…. I was given an assignment by the webmaster for our new website {beautiful} to create a Facebook page! I was shocked and intimidated but very soon was addicted! Like I said life is interesting! So check us out on Facebook both personal Mary Hancock and business….then there is Instagram mummysbundle and we also have an Etsy store. and of course our own beautiful new website , where you can have a delightful virtual shopping experience!


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