Monsoon, Magic, and Memories

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Monsoons have arrived in Sedona, the air is damp and electric, and magic is afoot! The sky has blackened (it’s only 3pm) and the electricity has just gone off. I’m rummaging around in a drawer full of ancient and interesting objects, when the light from my flashlight falls on a pre-columbian head that Doug and I found in the jungles of Guatemala. Immediately, I am pitched back to the shores of Lake Peten, where we must have stood on the spot where the Mayans had broken a decorated pot and this handsome head freed itself up for us to find 900 years later. As some of you might have experienced, these old pieces have a vibe about them and this one certainly did. It is my delight to create with bits of bone, clay and silver a new necklace to allow this handsome head to be reincarnated into a new era.

The same mystery and magic I feel in Sedona today, I felt on the digs years ago. It was always like the ancient ones were very near, whispering in our ear, telling us of the wonder of times gone by. Now we have the privilege of having a beautiful fragment of that bygone era to create into a necklace.

We love creating jewelry in Sedona because we feel it is infused with the special vibe of this remarkable place where the ancients still whisper in our ear.

Here are some of our favorite pieces that carry the vibe of the ancients and Sedona.

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