Mary & Doug Hancock 

  Founders of The Mummy’s Bundle

The Hancocks have a truly magical mastery of the bridge that connects the past and present. Mary’s extensive education and experience in weaving, ceramics, fiber arts, fashion design and jewelry provide the fullest compliment of skills and perspectives to an imaginative, ever-changing outpouring of designs.  Combined with Doug’s archaeological background and participation in creation and production, their unusual work stands as a singular contribution to the world of jewelry.

The Hancocks live in Sedona, Arizona, a place where natural beauty and remnants of ancient Indian cultures continue to provide inspiration for their artistic expression.

“Raiders of the Lost Ark” wasn’t even a movie yet and we were living that life! A summer in Peru started it all.”

Doug and Mary Hancock

“We were just tourists fascinated by the country and a sense of going back in time. And we began to fall into adventure. A new friend we met in Lima wanted us to mount a modest raft expedition down the Urubamba River east of the Andes in search of the lost city of gold, but the idea was derailed when we realized that lack of money and possible death might be a problem. Yet, as the Peruvian adventure unfolded, we survived an earthquake, bandits, and bus trips careening down curving, narrow mountain roads with no railings and massive drop offs. We spent time with a tomb raider who was getting very rich and paranoid, several days with Gerald Hawkins trying to decode the Nazca lines, looked for salt caves with untouched artifacts, and spent the night sleeping above the Macchu Picchu ruins. We never wanted to leave Peru, but teaching jobs that would keep us there were only obtainable stateside. Once home, Doug decided to immerse himself in ancient cultures and becoming an archaeologist and I was excited about being immersed in the treasures of the past. So Peru beguiled us and later gave birth to The Mummy’s Bundle.”

— Mary & Doug Hancock

Janet Jackson

It was 1992, MTV was new, and there was Janet Jackson wearing our Choker 88! She looked amazing and we were thrilled. What we didn’t know was that Janet’s staff was trying to find us to design jewelry for her 1994 World Tour. They had purchased ten necklaces from a Malibu boutique that carried our work that wouldn’t share our contact information. So Janet’s staff called all the Hancocks in New Mexico and Arizona till they finally located us. That began an exciting and productive collaboration with Janet. We worked with Janet and her staff for almost a year and when she invited us to her Phoenix performance during the World Tour, she was incredible on stage, our jewelry looked spectacular, and she was very welcoming when we visited with her backstage. Janet is one of the shyest, sweetest, most beautiful women—inside and out—that we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

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