The Southwest captured Mary and Doug while vacationing in Sedona, Arizona, and they never left. They felt the vibe and spirit of the ancients in the red sandstone, on canyon walls and in the native American cultures. Their passion for the past began to stream out and found expression in their unique jewelry, which awakens in many a resonance connecting them to the ancients of the Southwest.



When you open a tomb and first enter, you are in a multi-dimensional world. You feel the spirit of the departed, and supernatural events often occur. Objects from the tomb seem to have a power in them. There is magic that is palpable. Shamans lived in this world and worked multi-dimensionally as healers and truth tellers. We hope we have captured some of that magic in this jewelry.



Inspiration streams into us from everywhere and is uniquely personal. When we find an object that inspires us, it whispers to us how to enhance its essence and beauty in a necklace. When a piece of jewelry chooses you and you wear it, and then place your hand on it, you remember why you were inspired.

East Coast

Mary and Doug were both born in the east. Mary in Virginia, where summers were lived on the Outer Banks beaches collecting shells, living the beach life with family and friends, and always plotting how to find a Black Beard treasure. Doug was a rugged north-easterner, hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, biking and teaching survival. So their East Coast look captures some of Mary’s love of the beach and buried treasure, and Doug’s love of nature. Though their lives were anything but conservative, somehow the values of the East seeped into this line of jewelry.

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The “Classics” represent the passion Mary has to adorn her body like the ancients, or an 1890’s woman, or a pirate, and to create with pearls and luscious stones in a unique way. These “Classics” never go out of style and always make a stunning statement.


A Summer in Peru

“Raiders of the Lost Ark wasn’t even a movie yet and we were living that life! A summer in Peru started it all. We were just tourists fascinated by the country and a sense of going back in time. And we began to fall into adventure. A new friend we met in Lima wanted us to mount a modest raft expedition down the Urubamba River east of the Andes in search of the lost city of gold, but the idea was derailed when we realized that lack of money and possible death might be a problem. Yet, as the Peruvian adventure unfolded, we survived an earthquake, bandits, and bus trips careening down curving, narrow mountain roads with no railings and massive drop offs. We spent time with a tomb raider who was getting very rich and paranoid, several days with Gerald Hawkins trying to decode the Nazca lines, looked for salt caves with untouched artifacts, and spent the night sleeping above the Macchu Picchu ruins. We never wanted to leave Peru, but teaching jobs that would keep us there were only obtainable stateside. Once home, Doug decided to immerse himself in ancient cultures and becoming an archaeologist and I was excited about being immersed in the treasures of the past. So Peru beguiled us and later gave birth to The Mummy’s Bundle.”

Mary  & Doug Hancock, Founders of The Mummy’s Bundle

Mummys Bundle

The Inca wrapped
their dead and special lifetime
treasures inside ornate
mummy bundles
that looked like our
Mummy’s Bundle icon.

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